General Questions

What are Tennessee Titans PSLs (Permanent Seat Licenses)?
A Titans Permanent Seat License (PSL) grants you rights to purchase Titans season tickets for each season. Once recognized as a license holder, you will be invoiced prior to each season for Titans season tickets and will have a window to make that purchase. As long as you continue to purchase season tickets in accordance with annual invoicing, you will maintain your PSLs. The listing price is ONLY for the PSLs and does not include the cost of any tickets.
Who sets the prices for the listings?
The price of each listing is set by the seller. Please note that there are price floors set forth by the Tennessee Titans that impact what the minimum price can be for certain sections and seating areas. If the seller accepts the buyer's offer, then we will proceed with the transfer based on the agreed price. If the seller does not accept the offer, then the seller can submit a counter offer to the buyer. The counter offer helps the buyer determine their next offer amount.
How long does it normally take to complete a PSL transfer?
It normally takes about 2 weeks to complete a PSL transfer. This time may vary depending on how quickly we receive payment from the buyer and how quickly the buyer and seller return the transfer paperwork.
Why does each offer expire after 48 hours?
The seller has 48 hours to respond to each offer in order to ensure that buyers receive a quick response to their offer. If a seller allows multiple offers to expire, then the listing will be removed from the website.
What time zone is used to determine the expiration time for an offer?
Central Time Zone
Can I use my Titans Season Ticket Account to Sign In?
No, you will need to create an account with the PSL Marketplace so that the Marketplace can ensure you receive all necessary notifications and updates.

Seller Questions

How long will my listing be available for sale on the Marketplace?
You may keep your listing for sale on the Marketplace as long as you still own the PSLs. Each new listing is set to automatically expire after 180 days but sellers may renew the listing at any time for an additional 180 days.
Why would I sell my PSLs on the Marketplace?
If you are unable to renew your season tickets next season, you can sell your PSLs on the marketplace and receive the proceeds from the sale rather than just forfeiting your PSLs to the Ticket Office. You can also upgrade your seats if you sell your current PSLs and purchase new PSLs.
What if I want to split up my PSLs for sale?
If you wish to split up your seats for sale, you should create separate listings and make a note within each listing that the adjacent seats are available in Listing XXXX.
How can I contact a buyer?
The Marketplace provides a message center for buyers and sellers to communicate about listings. All negotiations are private and anonymous so no contact information is allowed to be shared.
What is the seller process and seller fees?
To read about the seller transfer process and seller fees, click here- How To Sell
Does the Marketplace report sales to IRS?

Beginning January 1, 2022, the Marketplace is required by law (The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), P.L. 117-2) to issue a Form 1099-K to the IRS for all sellers who complete $600 or more in sales in a calendar year.  Sellers will be required to submit the appropriate taxpayer information as part of the sales process.  If the information is not appropriately entered, the Marketplace will contact the seller to input the appropriate taxpayer information into the account.  The 1099-K will be filed in January of the following calendar year (for example all sales from 2022 will be reported in January 2023).  

Buyer Questions

Why would I buy PSLs on the Marketplace?
In order to purchase season tickets for most seating areas, you are required to purchase PSLs (Permanent Seat Licenses), but the Ticket Office is sold out in many areas. If you want to become a season ticket holder, you can purchase PSLs from a current season ticket holder and become the new season ticket holder for those exact seats for all future seasons.
Are there any restrictions on who can purchase PSLs?
Yes. The Titans reserve the right to limit the number of seats licensed to any one individual or entity and to prohibit resellers and/or ticket brokers. All accepted offers are reviewed and must be approved by the Titans ticket office.
What happens if my transfer cannot be completed for some reason?
If your transfer cannot be completed for some reason, we will send you a full refund.
What if I do not want to purchase all the seats in a listing?
If you do not want to purchase all the seats in a listing, please send a message to the seller by clicking on the envelope icon next to the listing in the marketplace with your proposed offer amount and the seats you would like to purchase. If the seller agrees, then they can create a separate listing for the seats you wish to purchase.
How can I contact a seller?
The Marketplace provides a message center for buyers and sellers to communicate about listings. All negotiations are private and anonymous so no contact information is allowed to be shared.
What is the buyer process and buyer fees?
To read about the buyer transfer process and buyer fees, click here- How To Buy